1.   Why we use 1-2-1 telephonic coaching

2.   An important note for business professionals


1.  Why we use 1-2-1 JET Telephonic CoachingTM

This is the secret to our graduates' high rate of success.  All courses center around providing personal attention.  We've found this fosters an environment that assures your progress and mastery.  Each coaching session answers your questions from the previous assignment, assesses your progress, and introduces next bite-sized step.

Your weekly coursework averages 3 hours per week.  Much of the coursework can be done at your discretion --- watching DVDs, YouTubes, streaming video, listening to audios, testing products, etc --- and your coaching sessions, which average 30 minutes about once a week, are booked well in advance by you so it fits into your schedule.  We're on the phone with you about once a week, then you're moving on to the next bite-sized piece - but only when you and your Counselor are both satisfied with your progress.

Another advantage to one-to-one coaching is we can accomodate unexpected disruptions to your schedule.  Depending on what's going on in your life, we can adjust the pace so that it continues to work for you.  Oh, and one very important thing about personal tutoring: we're accountable to our students - and we expect the same from them.  It's like a tennis --- each player has to be responsible for hitting the ball back to enjoy the game.

P.S.  The picture above?  In his first skydiving experience on his 45th birthday on July 12, 2005, James Stevens, CEO, put his life on the line in his first-ever tandem skydiving experience, using a certified coach in the easternmost edge of Australia, a beautiful place called Byron Bay.  James Stevens wouldn't have it any other way.  Nor would Australian law :-)


2.  An Important Note for Business Professionals

If you're interested in using JET Testing in a professional capacity, allowing clients to self-test under your guidance can be very convincing and rewarding.  They see the test scores for themselves, and are much more eager to embrace their personal program you assist them in developing.  Ultimately, this sense of client partnership results in higher compliance to their program.  And that spells a w-i-n for everyone.  

Guiding others through self-testing means you need to how to effectively present JET Testing to individuals.  You'll learn how to quickly educate them in the skills they need in order to do testing under your professional tutelage.  Of course, charging for each session makes it well worth it, and they're happy to pay for it.  As professionals, you'll also recieve the important skills in the psychology of testing, handling reverse polarity, variances in responses and a multitude of other things that can occur from working with a variety of people. 

Equally important, we encourage building long-term relationships with your clients with retesting every 3-6 months.  Along the way, you're developing rapport, residual income and valuable referall business. A word to the wise, however: if your intention is to use this technology in a business capacity, don't attempt to use a personal course to learn what you can, then trying to figure out the rest out on your own.  It won't work.  You'll run into a lot of unexpected obstacles along the way.  Our expert coaching will help you avoid those nasty bumps and smooth the way to your professional success with JET Testing.